Quarter Horse Hearts

"Don't judge a horse by its halter."

Our organization

We're an organization that is just getting it's feet. The owner of the organization, Melissa Hull, has a dream to help kids and their riding, possibly breed horses, and definitely train horses, then send them on their way to a loving and caring home as she has found her true love, the mascot of Quarter Horse Hearts, Foxy also known as, "Sweet, Sassy, and all around Classy" in a bad situation and has taken her and completely turned her around. She wishes to get her own little place, live on the property with a barn manager, and have many events that would take place in her business. She is going to  college to take business classes pertaining to horses, vet classes, and equine nutrition, she wants to get certified in also farrier and dental fields. She started her business right out of high school and at this moment we do not have a place of our own and we only have one horse that is Foxy but we still offer lessons and showing the mare. The owner, Melissa Hull, would love to teach kids, even teenagers about horses and horseback riding, then send them to more experienced people. She also is open to sharing her horse in shows.


About Melissa: 

 Melissa first started riding at the age of 13 and in her 9 years of riding she has enjoyed learning and is ready to started giving lessons. She loves to give lessons to little kids and when she had been told that the kids seemed to love her by her fellow equestrians she had decided to start her own business in giving horse riding lessons as a passion of hers to teach and guide young children and adults in their own passion of horses. She can't wait to get to know you or your child if you come out to the ranch for a lesson.



Melissa began taking lessons with a woman named Lacy Brown. She is an intelligent equestrian and Melissa admires her so much. They are like sisters and Melissa bases QHH on Lacy Brown's ideals and the experiences Melissa had with Lacy. Melissa wants to be able to give the same great experience Lacy had given her for so many years. We dedicate this business to Lacy Brown herself for helping Melissa get started in her career and the life she loves and has now because of the horse back riding lessons she had with her instructor. Lacy Brown lives in Idaho but she will stay in Melissa's heart and lessons for the rest of her life as inspiration for everything she does, says and thinks in the equestrian world ahead of her.